Video of the week: from Oya Dance!!!

I love Lagos By Olamide

Well I grew up in Mafoluku, and the Ikeja parts of Lagos, and  boy it was fun! There is just something about Lagos that is energizing, the hustles are real and every town has a spirit of its own…

I love my Lagos and especially its local food. I love to eat Amala at Akenrele Surulere. I also love  pounded yam from white house in Yaba. And then there is  Ewa- Agonyi (beans) and Agege bread! Well what more- I love my Lagos.

The Island is cool, I love the galleria, they make this nice french crepes with a difference. I loved  Shop Rite, even though malls were a new trend back then- it was kind of classy to act trendy so we all did. Continue reading

Video of the week: Tiwa Savage – Standing Ovation ft. Olamide

Feedback on the hottest video by the African diva, Tiwa Savage. Here is the good ( very ghetto) the bad(same old rhythm, dance able all the same) and the ugly (beautiful abuse of western fashion). According to a top music blog Oyadance, this is a highly anticipated video. And we cannot but agree, albeit reluctantly…

In particular I like the ghetto getup, I mean since the days of Jenifa, we haven’t had a strong depiction of an African ghetto queen and I just love Olamide with his raspy fuji tone (takes me right back to mushin olosha)!

But if you doubt me check out this video and see why we actually gave it a “Standing Oviation“with a stellar 4.5 review curtesy of Oyadance

Richard Mofe Damijo (RMD) – speaks ‘Boxing Day’…

So as you all know, I’ve  been waiting patiently (more like impatiently) for one of the biggest Nollywood/ Hollywood blockbuster of the year. And just when I am starting to pace, I get some exclusive inside gist from African’s biggest screen-god of all times, RMD. My memories of RMD include A-list movies like Checkmate, Violation, and boy! Even as a child you could tell there was so much screen magic oozing out of him. Anyway, I am not the only one talking memories, watch  Richard Mofe-Damijo  (a.k.a RMD) in this interview open up about his childhood memories, experience, and biggest take away from this anticipated movie ‘Boxing Day’. The good thing is, Boxing day will be premiering late November (a few a weeks away I guess). This timing couldn’t be more perfect, its right before thanksgiving and just in time to set the tone for Christmas. I know- I hear jingle bells!  Enjoy!

Forever by SKUKI is Finally here!

Just when you think the  SKUKI brothers lack vivid  romance, they show up with this smoking concotion, that reveals their lover-boy side in the new video ‘Forever’.

 Shot in Victoria Island Lagos by  Adasa Cookey of  Squareball Media, The video tells the story of a couple’s humble beginning  through good and bad- from elm to helm , it celebrates daily struggles that cant help but makes one relish the simple truth, that true love is truly for better for worse!  and can stand against all odds even till the very end of time. Yes ajo ma lora wa gbo!

Watch anClick to download d enjoy

The Amalgamation of African Music with Hip hop…

So for a long time, I have been a bystander in the world of music and I am consistently baffled at how quickly African music is merging with the West.  We have heard from the beginning of the millennial  that the world is a global village and with Facebook(maybe we believe this).  We just underestimated the convergence of  ideas, movement and thoughts, take for instance the #Alingo dance from Ghana that took Europe by storm. We completely overlooked  the cross Atlantic movement of entertainment or did we? So when, #Drake dropped his newest material “Ojuelegba” featuring MC Skepta (his new best friend from London) and Naija’s very own #Wizkid – most people were like we didnt see it coming!  Abeg how could we not, #Akon did “chop my money” with P-Square, #D’Banj  remixed Mr Endowed  with his lost but found  found uncle #Snoop . So whats-up with #Ojuelegba? Picture the hottest vocals in the industry lending strong vocals to the  stimulating Afropop beat  and Drake doing what he know best- being Drake?  Never mind here is what it sounds like(Click the link)- “Ojuelegba” 


So what is Jamb Question? Well to be simply stated  its  a rhetoric (i.e a question that needs no immediate answer because the answer is obvious right?)  To  the average Nigerian, and especially those from the  western parts (Yorubas); Jamb Questions  are questions that are obvious and often elicit the response – “Ibeere” (think #Beyonce ‘s Independent woman – so question…)
 So why Jamb Question? Blame it on  modern day African slang  and its strong influence on culture due to its the ability to relate with popular trends and social happenings. FYI  #Jamb is the national examination that every Nigerian has to right  for admission  into  College or University as it is locally called.

 This entrance exam is difficult and highly competitive.  And most times, having a high score doesn’t necessarily guarantee  admission to your school of choice. So when #Simi a budding Nigerian Musician released a song titled ” Jamb Question” we all got excited. As a young woman myself, I have been approached (more like harassed) by unserious  stalkers asking very obvious or irrelevant question just to get my attention. Like seriously, “does your dad play football“? While  most western guys work hard on their pick-up lines ( do they?) Nigerian guys just ask you a series of #Jamb Questions that can all be hilarious, plain right stupid and simply unbelievable at the same time. The sad thing is, #JambQuestion always elicits a response  of exasperation, abuse  or uncontrollable outburst of laughter.  Yeah I know *rolling my eyes right now* I guess it works!