You let gogolden_rose

I hold on
I let go
You hold on
We let go
We hold on

It’s the game of the heart
A silly game we play

Like a flower, I unravel to your dew
Till the fiery darts of the noon
Clasp my petals within your shelter
Still, it stands the same

These silly games we play
With the strings of our heart…

Video of the week: from Oya Dance!!!

I love Lagos By Olamide

Well I grew up in Mafoluku, and the Ikeja parts of Lagos, and  boy it was fun! There is just something about Lagos that is energizing, the hustles are real and every town has a spirit of its own…

I love my Lagos and especially its local food. I love to eat Amala at Akenrele Surulere. I also love  pounded yam from white house in Yaba. And then there is  Ewa- Agonyi (beans) and Agege bread! Well what more- I love my Lagos.

The Island is cool, I love the galleria, they make this nice french crepes with a difference. I loved  Shop Rite, even though malls were a new trend back then- it was kind of classy to act trendy so we all did. Continue reading

Video of the week: Tiwa Savage – Standing Ovation ft. Olamide

Feedback on the hottest video by the African diva, Tiwa Savage. Here is the good ( very ghetto) the bad(same old rhythm, dance able all the same) and the ugly (beautiful abuse of western fashion). According to a top music blog Oyadance, this is a highly anticipated video. And we cannot but agree, albeit reluctantly…

In particular I like the ghetto getup, I mean since the days of Jenifa, we haven’t had a strong depiction of an African ghetto queen and I just love Olamide with his raspy fuji tone (takes me right back to mushin olosha)!

But if you doubt me check out this video and see why we actually gave it a “Standing Oviation“with a stellar 4.5 review curtesy of Oyadance

The Woman Abused…

Once upon a time in your life, it hits you! It is in that moment when like they say, lightning strikes you. You awake to see a different part of you- a revelation. You suddenly realize what your mind had tried so hard to hide. The fact that eluded you – that crucial piece you couldn’t find.

Yet for so long, I have tried to find what my heart sought the most. A deeper connection with my being. And just as he struck me – I found it.  I saw it in the stars that revolved around my pain…

She cleared her voice noisily breaking my reverie- “what did you see?” she asked gently. I was suddenly self-conscious, I tried to avoid her expectant face and shrugged.  

As usual, I had left my therapist hanging on my last words, “stars”. I swallowed and took a shaky sip of water.  

Dr. Awosika got up from her chair and walked to the window- she stroked the rich red drapery as she peered outside of her upscale Manhattan office … Continue reading

Familiar Stranger

Forever and always

Right there in the sunshine
The earth and all its brilliance
Where we played with mud
We had such love!walk-in-the-forest-warm-light-sun-is-shining-matthias-hauser
Fueling the ovens that baked the pies
The clayed pies of our pride
We let strife be
Within the breast of innocence
Beneath the soils of our feet
Two fragile limbs
You and I
Filled with such peace
We had it all

Now and for all time …