In Pursuit of Happiness…

I have heard people complain about not being “happy”. I know Pharell tried so hard to cheer the world with the song  happy, good try Pharell! The concept of happiness however has eluded many for generations. Next to the Holy grail- the key to happiness is perhaps one of the unsolved puzzles of our times. Continue reading

On matters of the heart and all…

We are women, borne of the blunt, brute strength of men. This is a blessing, this a curse. she paused to adjust her head wrap. My aunt Simi is em, em, how do I put it – eccentric? I swallowed as I pondered the “brute strength part”.

‘But thank God we were made from that 7th rib. How else would we have survived! ehn?’ She kicks off her shoes.

‘Thankfully there is a lot of strength in this weakness, because you can’t break whats been broken, can you?’ Continue reading

Why the Runways love African Prints. ….

Well I love African Prints and how far it has come. So in tribute to the African Fashion week taking place this week – here are some styles from the runway to the streets on a global scale, after all to be honest we all are models in our own rights  …  And to drink to that  here are some reasons why we love this  prints

images (2)They can be worn with khakis! And who doesn’t love khakis?

e0c52f938b867cc8b23859cb563b9795They can be paired  with solid colors to tame their wild edges right? Continue reading

Making Monday Less Manic…

So we all hate Mondays, don’t we? We dread it, fear it and sometimes wish we could wish it away. But lets face it, Mondays are a necessity, the first day of a working week. And your level of preparedness can affect your productivity all week. I have learnt that the best way to get ready for the week, meaning Monday is to prepare for it from Sunday… I know you getting my drift.  So here are a few tips to make Monday less traumatic: Continue reading