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I love Lagos By Olamide

Well I grew up in Mafoluku, and the Ikeja parts of Lagos, and  boy it was fun! There is just something about Lagos that is energizing, the hustles are real and every town has a spirit of its own…

I love my Lagos and especially its local food. I love to eat Amala at Akenrele Surulere. I also love  pounded yam from white house in Yaba. And then there is  Ewa- Agonyi (beans) and Agege bread! Well what more- I love my Lagos.

The Island is cool, I love the galleria, they make this nice french crepes with a difference. I loved  Shop Rite, even though malls were a new trend back then- it was kind of classy to act trendy so we all did.

I love Lagos, and how it smells. Trust me even the five smells of Iowa can not beat the ancient smell of  Bariga, Ajegunle and some other slums. But hey its Lagos, bustling with hope. You cannot but hope when you get to Lagos!  However with all my love for Lagos, I love the rain and the beaches the most. Here the Atlantic oceans graces its shores with reluctant waves. Each rise and fall draws you heart, in a seductive trance.

I love Lagos, and its influx of Yoruba bois- they play games but you love them all the same. The Ibo bois are all about their investments and they are quick to shove it down your throat. What more can I say- I love my Lagos, its colorful characters, from area boys to regular people all thronging the streets in crazy hustles spurred by the hope that success was just a breath away!

If you love Chicago, New York, Miami, Toronto- you definitely would love my Lagos!!! Hence a 5.0 star review from Oyadance!


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