Making Monday Less Manic…

So we all hate Mondays, don’t we? We dread it, fear it and sometimes wish we could wish it away. But lets face it, Mondays are a necessity, the first day of a working week. And your level of preparedness can affect your productivity all week. I have learnt that the best way to get ready for the week, meaning Monday is to prepare for it from Sunday… I know you getting my drift.  So here are a few tips to make Monday less traumatic:


  • Prepare for it – create a mental picture of what you want from it. Build your expectations, and impulse yourself until you are excited for it.
  • Next create some weekly goals- make sure this goals cover every aspect of your life, for that much needed balance.
  • Next break down your goals into daily checklist, starting with Monday. have this checklist around you all week to help you stay focus.
  • Create a routine- a daily routine. I start my Monday,  with a cup of tea and a  new book from audible   which I plan to finish by the end of the week. So my daily morning routine is a cup of tea and a book all week.
  • Meditate- Meditation helps you find your anchor and refresh your mind.
  • Have a clearly defined process for all the task and items on your check list. and check off each task as you complete.
  • Finally reward yourself, usually on Fridays, watch a movie, have  a date night or just splurge. For me I find a long soak and a glass of wine just about adequate.
  • Start the process all over again, remember to mentally start planning your week from Saturday.

And always remember to be grateful – no matter what the week brings, God is faithful and He is able to keep you all through!  Go make your dreams happen!!!!

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