So what is Jamb Question? Well to be simply stated  its  a rhetoric (i.e a question that needs no immediate answer because the answer is obvious right?)  To  the average Nigerian, and especially those from the  western parts (Yorubas); Jamb Questions  are questions that are obvious and often elicit the response – “Ibeere” (think #Beyonce ‘s Independent woman – so question…)
 So why Jamb Question? Blame it on  modern day African slang  and its strong influence on culture due to its the ability to relate with popular trends and social happenings. FYI  #Jamb is the national examination that every Nigerian has to right  for admission  into  College or University as it is locally called.

 This entrance exam is difficult and highly competitive.  And most times, having a high score doesn’t necessarily guarantee  admission to your school of choice. So when #Simi a budding Nigerian Musician released a song titled ” Jamb Question” we all got excited. As a young woman myself, I have been approached (more like harassed) by unserious  stalkers asking very obvious or irrelevant question just to get my attention. Like seriously, “does your dad play football“? While  most western guys work hard on their pick-up lines ( do they?) Nigerian guys just ask you a series of #Jamb Questions that can all be hilarious, plain right stupid and simply unbelievable at the same time. The sad thing is, #JambQuestion always elicits a response  of exasperation, abuse  or uncontrollable outburst of laughter.  Yeah I know *rolling my eyes right now* I guess it works!


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